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Pilates classes in Leigh on Sea

Pilates classes – Mat and Small Equipment

We have courses in foam roller, arc barrel and swiss ball pilates.  All equipment is provided for you.  These are mat and small equipment courses.

Private Pilates Tuition

Angela also offers 1-2-1 private Pilates lessons.

Being diagnosed with arthritis of the lower back at 30 I have had many issues with slipped disc and general back problems. My last slip I went private and ended up having treatment with Six Physio in the City but these appointments were short and very expensive.

Angela provides the same type of exercises they provided with the continued support and understanding of my issues. I have been seeing Angela in a class environment at least once a week for a couple of years almost. With her support and training I have taken up a sport (softball), gone back to horse riding and can generally live my life to the full as now I understand how to maintain my issues.

With Angela it’s all about the gentle rehabilitation and development of the method. I found many teachers were more interested in showing you how bendy they were not understanding their class and helping them, which is exactly what Angela does…

Keep up the good work Angela!

Emma Steels

Strategic Account Manager at Unify, Emma was Angela's client

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Pilates Reformer exercises
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